Our Customers

At PaintCanLabels.com we pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction. We provide our clients with custom labels that are personalized for their business. The list below are some of the clients PaintCanLabels.com has had the pleasure of servicing:

Aboff’s Paint
Adams & Evans
Adelphi Paint
Admore Paint
Advanced Industrial
Advanced Polymerics
Advanced Protective Products
Alberson’s Tile Roof Glaze, Inc.
Allied Paint
American Wax
American Abrasives
American Paint Recyclers
Amkote, Inc.
Amsterdam Color Works
Applied Technology International
ARC Document Solutions
Armstrong Paint
Arnesto Paint
Arnon Fasteners
Athens Paint
Atlas Paint
Barker Chemical
Bel Aqua Pool Supply
Big Brain Graphics
Bixon Chemical
BMG Direct
Brunswick Paint
California Products
Cantor Brothers
Carlstadt Finishes
Cheeseman/ Debevoise
Chugoku Marine
Coleman Brothers
Colonial Ink
Columbia Paint
Con-Lux Coatings
Crime Point
Crystal Edge Screen Paint
DavLaur Coatings
Davlin Coatings
Design 7
Digital 1 Manufacturing
Dip-Tech Coatings
Duraself Roof Products
Durok Building Materials
Dye Precision Coatings
Eaglo Paint
Eastern Lacquer
Elder & Jenks
Engineered Marine Coatings
Evan James Interiors
F.O. Pierce
Farmhouse Paint
Firefree Coatings
Furniture Clinic
Fyn Paint & Lacquer
Genoa Industries
Greensheen Paint
H & G Industries
Hancock Paint
Harco Chemical
Hempel Marine
Herbst Brothers
Higham Company
Hoboken Paint
Hoffard Paint
Hottop Paint
Hubbard Paint
Hy-Tape Surgical Supply
Insl-X Corp.
International Paint
J. Landau Corp.
Jamestown Distributors
Joyva Corp.
Kimberle Chemical
Koppers Industries
Lacquer Specialties
Larstan Processing
Lee Paint
Lehman Brothers
LI Maintenance Supply
Lights On Printing
Liquid Print
Long Isalnd paint
Lowcountry Hydropaint
Magnet Paint
Mantrose / Hauser
Martins Paint
Master Painters
Mercury Paint
Metco, Inc.
Miaco Chemical
Miaco Chemical
Mochan Paint
Moving to Minnesota
Nankee Paint
National Environmental
National Paint Industries
Nationwide Chemical
Nationwide Paint
New England Coatings
New England Paint
Northern Market / Southern Charm
Norton & Son
Nubrite Paint
Oakwood Industries
Ocean Pool Supply
Oil Specialties & Refining
Olde England Paint
Olive Refinishing
Optima Performance
Paragon Paint
Paris Paint
Peerless Paint
Peninsula Tire
Pentagon Paint
Petri Paint
Pilot Paint
PPG Architectural Coatings
Prepared Mommas
Prestigious Painting
Proctor Paint
Pur-All Paint
Purity – Redtop Paint
Pyramid Paint
Red Mills
Red Topp Paint
Riddle Boat Works
Rockwell Chemical
Rust Proof Graphics
S. Wolf’s Sons
Salko Products
Sandstrom Products
Savannah Paint
Scott Chemical
Southland Paint
Speedwell Paint
Stain Shop
Standard Chemical
Stegas, Inc.
Sterliog Sanitary Supply
Stevens Paint
SWAG Graphics
TCC Sales
The Clausen Company
The Color Whisperer
Tin Can Gypsy
UCP Paints
United Paint & Varnish
Universal Paint
Vintage Warehouse
Wall Cote Paint
Willanger Printing
Worth Lacquer
Wyckoff Paint